Introduction and Quick Background

Having been a working mother I understand how difficult it is for parents to find good quality child care. I feel I have the love, knowledge, experience and qualities needed to provide a warm, and loving environment in which children can learn and grow. I believe children are the most important part of our future, and I will work with your child in establishing a solid foundation.

My Profession

I take my profession as a child care provider, not as a "babysitter", very seriously. You trust me with your most prized possession - your child. I do not take that trust lightly. I have over 30 years of experience, starting with my own 2 children extending to my 8 grand children. While raising my children I worked for the co-op preschool that my children were attending. I enjoyed it so much I volunteered for the School District. They recognized my enthusiasm in working with children and offered me a full time position. I did this for 8 years before starting my own daycare business.

My Goals

I strive in working with your child to reach the following goals ;

  • Develop a good self-image and a positive attitude toward his/her self.
  • Develop language and social skills.
  • Develop independence, his/her self.
  • Encourage respect and compassion for others.
  • Have stimulating learning experiences.
  • Support Sound Health, Safety, and Nutritional Practices.